Today Show – Is Google Rigged

Spoke to Lisa today about Google and whether the search engine is rigged to put certain website above others. I don’t believe so. Search Engine Optimisation takes a myriad of factors into consideration when ranking a website, including numbers of visitors to the site, keywords, metatags, links from other sites  and a whole range of other things.

Lisa asked if Google manipulated the data. No, they don’t, but that doesn’t stop some websites from doing so. There are SEO experts out there who are trying to do exactly that, which is part and parcel of their job. At the end of the day Google claims, and I have no reason to disbelieve them, that their job when it comes to people doing searches, is ranking websites in the best order possible to assist their needs.

Spoke with Ben McIntosh from Harvey Norman on 2GB about the state of PCs in Australia and why there seems to be a late roll out for some vendors of 2011 stock. Also spoke to Damien Hodge of Western Digital about storage devices for your TV. He suggested using an external hard drive to back up from your PVR, which is not a bad idea.

Also took a tonne of questions, most of which were answered on-air. Some we sent in, which are below. I will answer them all as soon as I can.