Today Show – Future of Blackberry


I spoke with Georgie on the Today Show about the future of Blackberry, especially now with most Australian corporations jumping ship and opting for the iPhone.

Blackberry has been the top choice for enterprises for years but with the new smartphone features being introduced by Apple, and now even Samsung, it has been hard for RIM to catch up.  Australian enterprises are now beginning to see more value with the iPhone and other smartphones in the market.

And it is not as if RIM hasn’t tried. It has rolled out an app store. It has come up with smartphones to compete with the likes of Apple. But the problem is, they haven’t been very good at it.

More and more people are coming to their companies and demanding other options and these companies are now presenting their employees with new and more value-packed smartphones.

With the Blackberry 10 coming next year, it will be interesting to see if this is will help RIM compete and steal back a significant share of the pie.