Today Show: Father's Day

Clip courtesy of the Nine Network Australia
Yep, it’s that time of the year again when Dad’s are in the spotlight, and I went on the Today Show on Saturday morning to talk about GPS’s.

GPS’s have come down in price overall, so the idea is to find one that meets your needs. I showcased two Navman units – the C40 and the MY30. The first unit comes in at under $200 and is your basic Satnav with a couple of features such as Advanced Lane Guidance and red light camera alerts. The second unit will cost you $100 more, but has extras such as text-to-speech street names.

TomToms XL340 is another $100, but it has a huge range of features, including IQ routes, which gives you your journey in real time (ie, it takes into account previous traffic conditions) and has MapShare technology.

Cameron was particularly impressed with the Garmin Forerunner. Although it is quite expensive, it is almost like a personal trainer that you wear on your wrist. Satellites track you as you run and gives you your time and distance at the end of the workout. It also has a Ghost Runner, whereby you set the time over a certain distance and tells you if you are going to make it or not.

Finally, there was the TomTom iPhone application, which has just been released. A very handy add-on to an iPhone, and one that I’ll certainly be taking advantage of in the near future.

Navman MY30

Garmin Forerunner 405CX

TomTom iPhone App
Cost: $99

Navman C40

TomTom XL340