Today Show – Christmas Gadgets

Spoke with Karl on the Today Show about some nifty gadgets you can get at Christmas for your friends and family.

First up was the axbo alarm clock, which is an Austian product that claims to calculate your ideal waking time. It will not wake you while you are in a deep sleep, but registers your body movements during sleep and send said movements to the alarm clock. Apparently it can tell the difference if you are in a deep sleep or at an optimum time to be woken. It comes in at$279 for singles and $319 for couples.

Then we had the Seagate 500GB portable hard drive. It’s ideal for storing pics and videos over the holiday season and allows you to back up to an online directory as well as your PC.

Then we looked at the Flip Mino HD, which is a handy sized video recorder that can fit in a handbag, while taking high-definition pictures. This is for people who don’t have a smartphone that have an HD camera. While the screen may be a little small, you’ll be surprised at the quality of picture you get when you play back on your PC or TV.

Finally there was the Motorola Motodefy. Motorola have finally got a phone that might compete in the smartphone market. However, probably its greatest asset is that is can be dropped in water, or in sand, or in the bath and it won’t be affected. It is water and scratch resistant. Read more about it here

Also had a guest appearance yesterday afternoon  on 2GB with Chris Smith. Had a tonne of calls about various gadgets and gizmos and had a thoroughly good time. There was a particular question about what kind of digital radio would be a good Christmas gift and here is a link to the one I got for my wife. It’s current RRP is $499, but it is cheaper in some retailers now as it came out last year.