Today Show: Back to School

On Monday morning I chatted to Deb about the latest gadgets to help your kids get back to school.


Here's my list of the top gadgets and apps:  



ASUS T100 – for $500, arm your kid with a laptop that is also a tablet.


Toshiba Encore – for under $500, give your kid a tablet that connects to a monitor and keyboard to become a fully functional PC


Kensington Thin Folio  –  $129  – Do your kids have an ipad for school? This cover protects the ipad, also provides a keyboard (and each key lights up, so the child can use it in low and full light conditions) 



Evernote Peek – is the world’s first smart cover designed app – it’s a quiz that lets you take a look at the question under the cover before revealing the full answer when you take the cover off. Great for studying for any quiz. It comes from the makers of Evernote which as always, makes it easy to take notes on your ipad etc and auto format into typed notes and auto save it to other devices to.


Mystery Math Town- a game where you explore a series of spooky houses by tapping on stairs, ladders, doors and windows, solving sums before you can go through them using numbers collected along the way. You can tweak the difficulty level and sum-types to suit the age of your child.Maths is fun with this app (no it really is!)


Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior- This entirely-free app wants to teach children to code using the JavaScript language. It's presented as a game where they build robot warriors and use their coding skills to control them in battles against friends, or in the single-player mode while honing their abilities.Help your child become a future billionaire, via an app that teaches them how to write programming code. They will be able to build their own app, and then sell it for billions!! (Warning – no guarantee your child will actually become a billionaire)