Things Just Got A Little Hotter In the Console Market

Clip courtesy of the Nine Network Australia


Interesting that Sony are making a big splash in the console market this morning, by announcing that it is reducing the cost of its latest PS3 to $499, almost $200 cheaper than current models available.


Sony CE has come in for some pretty harsh criticism over the past couple of years due to the pricing structure of its gaming consoles. Critics have argued that it can’t compete with the cheaper Xbox 360 and Wii, or even PC, but Sony point out that the PS3 is also a Blu-ray player and offers BD Live. Half the problem has been Sony SE trying to persuade consumers the value of such technology.



What also has got Sony on the back foot is the huge popularity, and interactivity, of the Wii console.



Yet, consumers should not underestimate the value of having a blu-ray player within the console. I predict within the next 18-24 months blu-ray as a medium to watch movies will be where DVDs vs VHS was five years ago. And this may be to Sony’s advantage. I have no way of knowing the inner workings of Sony CE, but they would probably see the technology within the console as a long-term strategy, as opposed to a quick-fix solution trying to battle its competition.



Who knows. All I know is that as a gaming enthusiast, when prices start coming down, the winner is the consumer – and that isn’t a bad thing. Because now that Sony has made its intentions clear, Microsoft and Nintendo are bound to have something up their sleeves – again, good for the consumer. Watch this space…