Television Problems On 2UE


Spoke with Steve about my road testing of the HTC Desire. Some are calling it an iPhone killer as it is very technically strong and fast. However all is not wine and roses. I feel that maybe Google hasn’t had enough experience making software for mobile phones as it doesn’t work quite as well as the iPhone. For example, you have to put in your credit card number every time you want an app, whereas with iTunes you’re already in the groove, so to speak. Still, a very nice unit all the same. Had a few calls, and it seems digital televisions are causing a few concerns.

John had an LG VCR, which when recording, vertical lines show up at the back of the picture, which stop and start. Once he stops recording, the picture lines disappear. It could be a power situation due to the amount of voltage been drawn. G.

Roy has a four year old television that keeps on switching on and off at strange times. He says he has checked the automatic on/off button, which doesn’t seem to be the problem. I suggest that he get a technician in because it could be a multitude of reasons

Therese has updated to digital television and when she records to her hard drive the screen freezes. She has signal boosters and the television acts fine when not recording, so she is unsure what is causing the problem. Again, I would defer to a technician, because I could give a few different answers, but none of them would be exact.

Scott has a problem with his LG television freezing. I have had this happen before is that is could be overheating. Sometimes a television gets too hot and the components don’t work properly..

Gavin is having a problem receiving emails on his iPhone, with only some coming through. He has the account settings for my home address and is using the Bigpond mail service. He says there is no spam filter, but I would suggest he delete the account and reload it again.

Tom want to buy a mobile phone for partner but he doesn’t want to get one on a locked network. Most of the Telcos have unlocked plans with some of the popular phones like the HTC Desire and iPhone.. I can’t get one unless it is locked to a network. If Tom goes to Harvey Norman, Dick Smith or JB HiFi, and ask for an unlocked phone and a prepaid plan, they will sort one out for him.

Angelo is looking at getting an HTC Desire and was hoping he could use iTunes to transfer all his information over. Unfortunately he will not be able to do this. He can however do it through the Outlook application, or put it into a CSV file and upload it to a Google account, and then download it onto his phone. Also, he wanted to know if the iPhone applications would work on the Desire. They will not because they are not developed for HTC handsets.