Steve Jobs passes away

I don’t use much Apple stuff any more, but passing of company co-founder Steve Jobs is also that of a man who changed the way we use technology. He made it easy, fun, and it was no longer the area of tech people. When you buy Apple, it is a safe bet you will like it.

Steve Jobs was a guy I watched on stage a few times, read about a large number of times and was the reason I became interested in technology. It was 1984 and my Dad brought home a new computer, ‘it’s called a Macintosh, and this is a mouse’ Dad said.

I loved it, I clicked and dragged, and created. I was eight years old and this new thing was amazing.

I stopped using Macs in 1999, when I made my first PC and loaded in Windows 98.

But Apple’s success is not just in the products it makes itself. It is in the products its competitors make in response to the ones from Apple. A strong innovator, Apple has forced the other big tech companies to lift their game, making better products at cheaper prices.

Today though, we remember the man and not the company. Today is about the passing of a visionary.