Smart Phone Wrap

Five Cool Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S

  • Swype technology
  • Huge AMOLED screen
  • Long battery life and very light
  • Shoots HD video
  • $59 Optus Yes Social Plan
  • For more information, go to:

Nokia N8

  • Built-in 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, excellent video and new editing features
  • Personal entertainment centre with WebTV, high-quality video and audio with HDMI and Dolby Digital Sound
  • Simple and intuitive touch screen
  • Free maps and voice guided navigation
  • Powerful social network experience
  • RRP$749
  • For more information, go to:

Motorola Flipout

  • Comes with three changeable covers
  • Innovative square pivot design that opens to reveal a QWERTY keypad 
  • Motoblur syncs contacts, posts, messages etc  from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail. Motoblur automatically backs up contacts, log-in information.
  • Comes with GPS tracking
  • Remote data wipe for lost or stolen devices. 
  • One username and password restores contacts, messages and connectivity . 
  • $299
  • For more information, go to:

Apple iPhone4

  • High-resolution screen
  • Capture and edit HD video on the phone
  • Already an iPhone owner, then easily port all your apps and other content straight across via iTunes
  • Built in multi-tasking so you can do more than one thing at a time
  • RRP: Available on various plans

Blackberry Curve 

  • World’s most secure email service
  • Cheapest smart phone for global roaming of email and internet traffic 
  • Now with Apps.
  • Still best solution for business users, it’s like a remote control for your business.
  • RRRP: Available on various plans