Slates On the Today Show

Spoke with Karl on the Today Show about the plethora of tablets coming on the market. It was always going to be one of the main technological talking points of the year.

As usual, Apple made all the headlines with its iPad, which was the first one on the market. However Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is not to be sneezed at. It’s a little bit more expensive than the iPad, however it is also more compact and can be used as a mobile phone.

Both Optus and Telstra brought out their own versions of the slate. These don’t have as much functionality as the two already mentioned but they will certainly find a market where all you want is to interact with social networking and get email and surf the net.

We also looked at the HP eStation, which isn’t strictly a tablet per se, because there it is part of a package that includes a printer. However, you can take the tablet part of the device and have it as a standalone object.

Overall, it’s a pretty good time for the consumer if they want to get into the slate market. There is enough competition that you are sure to find something that will met your every day needs.l