Responsibility Key To Filter-free Internet

The hornets’ nest is definitely stirred up over inappropriate content being posted on the Internet, content that is potentially in breach of the law. I love the freedom of the Internet to post and publish content about any topic you like, but with this privilege comes responsibility. The community is sick of it, and i see change coming.

No longer is it OK for big business sites like Facebook and YouTube to hide behind the cloak of ‘we have so many members/contributions, it is too difficult to monitor everything. Tough! You earn revenue from it, you obey the law or, you could end up in a court room in Italy defending yourself or worse!

The reason for the success of Facebook and YouTube, and other social content sites is that they provide value to a large group of people. The problem they now face is a very small group of people are abusing the privilege and a solution needs to be found.

I am sure there will action taken, there has to be. With billions invested in social sites and the plan for billions in profits to be earned in the years ahead, the clever people who design these services will come up with a solution or find themselves looking for a job.