QLink on Today Show

Last week on Today we discussed a product called QLink. One of its products claims to reduce radiation stress on the body when talking on your mobile phone, and more specifically when the handset is next to your ear. You can read about it here. In prepping for the segment, I was a little sceptical about the claims, like I am with all scientific claims, especially when I have not tried a product myself. I received a number of questions via Twitter over the weekend about the content of the segment, so i thought I should answer them promptly.

Some viewers thought the segment was trying to spruik the product. We ran this segment because QLink was in the media and I am passionate about educating people to keep their phone away from their head. I did try to be balanced about the product, talking about the claims from the company and then providing my opinion at the end, clearly disclosing I had not used the product.

Thankyou for all the feedback that I have received about the segment, about the product we discussed, and about your experiences with the product, too.

Up-date – as requested by Matthew, have a read of this website for information debunking QLink.