Phone Bills on the Today Show

Spoke with Karl today about the Australia Communications Media Authority who has released its draft report relating to Bill Shock and other issues relating to mobile phones. Bill Shock is the term used when you go over your mobile data limit without realising it, and then get charged like a wounded bull for any usage over and above your monthly allocation. It can be a very expensive lesson.

Another thing to come out of the report is that Telcos must be more clear with their advertising. A lot of people get confused about with what they are getting themselves in for when buying a new mobile phone.

The ACMA is going to make sure Telcos are going to be a lot more transparent in their dealings with customers, and some of the phone companies are taking things on board like slowing down your download speeds, which is an indicator you have gone over your limit. Some are also thinking about texting customers to let them know that they have exceeded their monthly allowance.

Watch this space.