One Third Of Aussies Read Other's Text Messages – August 27, 2008

I was gob smacked when my Today producer called me and said some research had come in from a survey conducted by Virgin Mobile that 1/3 of Aussies between the age of 18 and 29 had said that they had read the through the text messages of their partner looking for saucy notes of the short message kind.

No way, could that be real? Well, according to the research, and the sample size was 900 000 people, this is the way it is in relationships all across Australia.

So this morning on Today we discussed the survey, but also some of the ways you can stop this from happening. The easiest thing to do is lock your phone with a password. Even the cheapest mobile phones have this feature and once done you know that no one is going to read it. How you explain to your partner the reason for locking your phone is your problem, I’m just the tech guy not the relationship solution provider.

The Today crew also thought it amusing when we discussed new mobile phone technology where the mobile phone uses two sim cards, instead of just one. This is mainly designed for people who use their phone for personal and business use. So you can have one sim card for business and one sim card for personal, and easily switch between making and receiving calls and sms on the one device, for both accounts. However, you can ofcourse also use such a phone for seperating your phone records and having one number for making ‘special calls’. The model of phone is called the Samsung D880 and is currently available overseas for the 2.5G network, but I’m told has not been released here. We may be seeing a 3G version to this market in 2009.

The final tip I can give you is delete your sms after you receive them. Especially if you use a smart phone that allows keyword searching of your sms list.