On 2UE With Steve Price

Steve asked me reasons why his laptop might be going slow. There could be several reasons for this, but usually it is due to the number of programs you have running on your hard drive. Like any piece of equipment, the more you use it, the more it wears down. I would advise getting rid of any programs you don’t use, and also take it in to get serviced every 18 months or so. Make sure you get a quote.

Jeff asked me if there was anywhere he could buy a new Hi8 video camera. The answer is, not that I know of. He might have some luck getting a second-hand one, but I doubt there are any new ones available.

Ben asked about the Kindle book reader, which I’m sure will be popular once it is released here. Amazon sell it, but unfortunately you have to have a US credit card to buy one. You can download digital books onto it, and it has a special screen that is unaffected by sunlight, so you can treat is like a normal book.

Paula queried if it was possible to transfer her emails from her old email account to her new Mozilla Thunderbird email service. Yes it is. You go to your account settings, which will show you where your email is stored, open the folder and copy it onto an external hard drive, then do the reverse when putting them into the new email server.

Jim was having problems not getting sound to his second flatscreen TV, which was situated in his kitchen. Using a Foxtel IQ box to stream his vision and sound, we are pretty sure that he needs to get a second IQ box if he wants to get sound and vision to his television in the kitchen.

Finally, Todd was having camera problems. He could see his pics on the digital camera, but the memory card is corrupt so he can’t download to his PC. Seems weird to me, so I recommend to him, or anybody else with a similar problem, to go to the memory card or camera manufacturer and ask if there is any way they can be retreived.