On 2UE With Steve Price August 8

Couple of interesting subjects on the Steve Price Show this morning, one being about paying for news on the on the internet as suggested by Rupert Murdoch recently.

I believe that most people won’t mind paying a fee for good journalism, but the problem, as Steve pointed out, is that everybody would have to do it. After all, why would people pay for content if they can get it for free from another source.

Then we talked about the Sling Box, which is a nifty little unit that allows you to stream your TV signal to your laptop from anywhere in the world.

Got some interesting calls today. Alex wanted to know how to receive US TV sports programmes outside the usual free-to-air or pay channels. Well, you can’t unless you hook up an illegal satellite, which will probably bring more trouble than it is worth. Maybe get a mate to set up a sling box overseas could be the go?

David had an operating system issue, which was stuffing up his computer. I’ve always found that if you get the original install disc, this will help you reboot. It should find the fault and ask if you want it repaired, to which you hit the “yes” button.

Winston suffered from something that a lot of people new to technology suffer from – frustration. All he wants to do is transfer video files onto a DVD. This should be a simple matter of plugging your camera into your PC via a USB cord (most compact cameras come with a cord) and downloaded the files to your desktop. Then put a blank DVD into your DVD slot and burn it. That is about it really. Winston is right, that sometimes vendors over complicate things with all their manuals, but you’ll generally find that all they are trying to do is inform you of all the different functions the unit has.

Finally, Julie said she had a lot of junk on her PC and how does she get rid of it. Well, if they are files you don’t want, you delete them. If you are running out of room on your hard drive, but want to keep some files, you can always buy a portable hard drive and save files that way. If you want to clean up your computer due to dodgy files then I suggest you run a security software package at least once a week.