Nudity On Facebook

Had a chat to Lisa about Tobin Attard, a little baby, whose picture was banned by the administrators at Facebook.

Tobin’s mother put the pic up on her Facebook page, but he was naked, so as well as taking the picture down, they sent his mother a warning email not to do it again or she might have her account suspended.

There are some out there that think this was over the top and being too politically correct. That’s an argument for another day, but what I will say is, that I’m glad that Facebook administrators are policing the site.

Not too long ago, we were giving them hell for not policing sites dedicated to children who had died under tragic circumstances, and the terrible messages that were being left on those sites.

We also have to remember that Facebook is owned by a corporation and they can have whatever terms and conditions they like, and if they think those conditions have been breached they are more than within their rights to act as they see fit.