New Cool iPhone Apps

I spoke with Karl on the Today Show about some cool new apps you can get for the iPhone.

The first one we looked at was the Meal Snap App. What you do is take a picture of the meals you eat, and then tells you how many calories are in the meal you’ve just photographed.

Is says it can detect the nutritional breakdown and workout the calories and will keep track of your meals and progress over time. It will also view the estimated calories for each meal and the full day. Not too sure how it could tell you how many calories are in a wrap or filled roll, but it doesn’t claim to be foolproof.

Next is the Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition application powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which has been around for some time now. In the past, there have been problems with the system being perfect, and this one does have problems with the Australian colloquialisms. But this sounds like a good one for those with clunky fingers or if you need to get a message across quickly.

You can update your Facebook status, send notes and reminders to yourself all by using your voice. By pressing a button, you can record your voice which is converted to text and sent as an SMS, Email or pasted into any application using the clipboard.

Finally there is Epicurious, which allows you to search more than 30,000 recipes. You can save your favourite ones and even create shopping lists. You also have the option to go through and choose the foods you’d like to cook, whether you’d like to incorporate a Chinese or Italian side etc. If you scan in some ingredients that you have in your fridge or pantry, it will offer up recipes you can make with them. A handy little app when you’re struggling for dinner ideas.