My School Crash Plus iPad

Spoke with Karl about the Apple iPad, which was released in the US. So what is it?. I tell people it is something between a smartphone and laptop, and has the interactivity of both. With a 10-inch touch screen it is bigger that the iPhone, smaller than the iMac, but quite thin so you can use it on the train or bus on the way to work.

You can surf the net, use it as an e-reader, stream videos etc. It is similar to the Sony Dash that was on display at CES, and expect a lot more all-in-one multimedia devices to be forthcoming from other vendors over the next 18 months.

Also talked to Karl about the My School website, which crashed after going live. There’s no surprise there, as the developers of the website built it with a certain amount of traffic in mind, but it has obviously way surpassed the number of people they would regularly expect to visit the site at any one time. This is of no surprise due to the huge interest parents have in the site. You will be happy to know that the site will probably running at normal speed if they log on now.