MusicMaker/ Powerline on Today Show

Had a great segment on the Today Show with a few gadgets and some that caught the eye of listeners, as I have already had queries about some of the gadgets featured.

The Kaiser Baas MusicMaker looks like it could become a popular item as it turns your old vinyl records into MP3s. It has a built in pre-amp, so no need for external amp (all other products on the market need an external amp). So how does it work? All you do is  connect the turntable to the MusicMaker (cable provided). You then hook up a PC with Spin-It-Again software preloaded (comes with MusicMaker), hit the record button on the PC, put down the needle on the record, and you’re away laughing.

We also looked at the Fujifilm W1 3D Camera, which is said to be the first still camera of its kind on the market. You don’t need to wear special glasses to see the prints, although they can be pretty pricey with some sites saying they can cost  up to $8 each. Alternatively, you can buy the V1 digital viewer, which can cost over $650.

Netgear’s Powerline Ethernet product was an interesting one to have on the show. It basically turns any electrical power outlet into a network connection, which enables high-quality video streaming, gaming and VoIP over a home network. To make it work you plug in one of Netgear’s XAVB2001 into your router and nearby electrical socket, then plug a second XAVB2001 into an electrical socket near to the device you wish to network – and you are up and running.

Finally, we showed the Samsung Series 9 LED TV, and what a beauty it is. Sure it doesn’t come cheap at $10,000, but the quality of picture and features it offers are nothing to be sneezed at. As well as being pencil thin, it also has a the world’s first touch-screen remote control with a three-inch colour display offering either a live feed of the channel you’re currently watching, or the channel you are preparing to watch. The remote also comes with a built-in speaker and headphone jack.  It also has access to the Samsung Internet@TV services, which means access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, games, weather information etc.