Life & Technology – 2GB May 18th


Today on Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB Charlie talked to Trend Micro’s cyber safety expert Arman Chand in relation to the National Cyber Security Awareness week. The two discussed some of the current threats that have hit in 2013, how to avoid them and how the fight against Cybercrime is going.

They also discussed what the Cybersecurity awareness week is all about, the common cyber threats that emerged this year and the current status of the fight against cybercrime. Moreover, Arman Chand will also cite some practices of people that puts their devices at risk and the common types of threats that abound in the mobile phone space.

We discussed why iphone and ipad are safe from malware and viruses.

Lastly, Charlie answered some questions from Twitter/Email and discussed some of the current and hottest news in the tech space including the announcement of BlackBerry Messengers support for other platforms, the upcoming launch of the Xbox 720, Windows 8.1 and the new Gran Turismo game for the PS3.

Please check back this page for the podcast which will be uploaded soon.