Life & Technology – 2GB March 30th


This week on Life & Technology Radio show on 2GB, Charlie spoke with Burt Admiraal from H&L Australia about the OneTab app – a secure mobile payment solution designed for pubs and restaurants. The discussion focused mainly on why the app was developed, a rundown of how it is used, where the app is being rolled out, the level of security it offers to consumers and its cost.

Charlie also talked with Gary Brown a professional videographer and photographer who uses cameras designed for rugged environments. During the show, Gary talked about where such cameras are used; the quality of the images produced by these devices, their battery life and of course the cost of getting one of these gadgets.

And of course, Charlie answered some questions from listeners. For any questions about last week’s show, just leave a comment in the box below.


And in case you want to hear the show again, here is a link to the podcast.