Life & Technology – 2GB March 16th


Last week on Life & Technology radio show on 2GB, Charlie discussed bluetoothing devices in to cars which was related to a topic we had a few weeks ago when we touched about the issue of Bluetooth compatibility in cars. For this reason, Charlie invited Daniele Mariani, Pioneer Australia’s Product Marketing Manager to shed some light into these concerns.

During the discussion, they talked about how difficult it is to connect a Bluetooth device to a car, some quick hints about bluetoothing a device to a car, and some common problems people have when they try to pair a device with their cars.

On a different note, Charlie also talked to Nan Bosler, President of the Australian Seniors Computers Club Association about her association and the services and benefits they offer to their members. Moreover, they also talked about events and the type of events that the association hold, the type of training materials they provide and how people can contact them.

And as usual, Charlie answered a few questions from listeners who submitted their questions either via email or twitter.

For any comments or questions about last week’s show, just leave them in the comment box below. And just in case you missed the show last Saturday or you just want to hear it again, you can listen to our podcast here.