Life & Technology – 2GB June 22nd

Today on Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB Charlie talks about the Sony Xperia Z tablet and a new app that’s very useful when you’ve had too much to drink.


Our first guest on the show is Paul Colley, Sony’s Group Manager for Network Services and Technology. Paul and Charlie talked about the company’s newest Android tablet – the Xperia Z. The two discussed the different features of the tablet that also make it stand out from other tablets, its target market and of course its price.


Also on the show today is Andrew Mathews, the developer of an app called Drunk Detector. As the name implies, the app is designed with drinkers in mind. The app is built specifically to stop people from sending tweets, emails, putting up Facebook posts, etc when they’ve had too much to drink.


During the show, Andrew talked about his reasons for developing the app, its practicality, its features and availability and its price.


Charlie also answered some questions from our email and twitter channels.


If you missed last Saturday’s show, you can listen to our podcast by using this link.