Life & Technology – 2GB April 13th


Last week on Life & Technology radio show on 2GB, Charlie spoke with two company executives about two different products that are slowly gaining popularity especially in the mobile devices industry.

Charlie first spoke with Optus’s Vice President of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs David Epstein about Wi-Fi hotspots. The discussion was mostly about how public Wi-Fi works and how people can connect to it. They also discussed the cost of connecting to a Wi-Fi network, limitations of using a hotspot and lastly, pocket Wi-Fi dongles.

The second part of the show was mainly about Dual-SIM phones. There have been a few blog queries about these phones so Charlie invited LG’s Senior Marketing Manager for Mobile Communications Brad Reed. During the show several key points about dual-SIM phones were discussed by Charlie and Brad Reed including the reason for why some people use such phones, the operability of these phones outside Australia and of course the cost of using a dual-SIM phone.

As for this week’s Q&A portion with the show’s listeners, Charlie recommended a few options for listeners who are planning to get a new camera. For any comments, questions or suggestions about last week’s show just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you missed last week\\\’s show, you can listen to our podcast using this link.