Life & Technology – 2GB 9th July, 2022

Alex Choros Managing Editor from Whistleout joins us this week to discuss about the price increases on phone plans. 

Also on the show this week, we had Phil Simmons International Sales Director from Universal Electronics about One for All app to simplify antenna placement and keep audiences connected in all seasons. 

One for All has launched an innovative augmented reality (AR) app to help audiences simplify the placement of antennas within their homes for better broadcast connections.  
Investing in an indoor television antenna can provide a useful back-up if the main outdoor television antenna is impacted by weather events or external factors, such as powerlines or streetlights or to support additional TV’s without a main aerial connection.
With the One for All Assistant available on the Apple store and Google Play, users can now simplify the placement of their One for All indoor antenna to achieve the best possible connection for television broadcasts. The innovative AR app guides users through every relevant step to install their One for All indoor antenna with features including:

– smart location: lets viewers identify their location to confirm available channels and select channels most important to them
– augmented reality: used to find the best transmitter and reposition the antenna to face it


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