Life & Technology – 2GB 8th April, 2023

We invited Rennie Addabbo APAC, General Manager fromSonos Professional   Sonos has announced the Sonos Era 100 and 300 speakers, and they are quite different from anything we have seen from the multi-room audio and soundbar class leader. For starters, the Sonos Era 100 and 300 will add Bluetooth and USB-C line-in to their traditional Wi-Fi streaming system. Wi-Fi streaming is still the best for most uses.  Read our full article here.  
Also on the show was Mitchell Whitaker Director Harvey Norman Newcastle who shared some great Easter deals you can get from Harvey Norman.  

Listen to 2GB, 3AW, 6PR or 4BC With A Smart Radio? Try This Please

Many of you have been reporting that your smart speaker is no longer playing your radio station stream when you ask it to. Anne writes (and others say much the same) – “My Google Nest and both my Google home minis won’t play 2GB anymore! I have rebooted the Nest and restarted my router. Any suggestions?”

Please, try this. Remove the numbers in the name of the radio station. If you once said ‘Play 873 2GB’, now just say ‘Play 2GB’. Some listeners have called into the show this morning saying that by dropping the numbers, the smart speaker now works – add the numbers, it does not. Let me know how you go by replying to this email and we can help others. The reason this might have happened is because the recent changes to the branding of the radio stations. ‘2GB 873’ is now ‘2GB’, so without the numbers in the name, the smart speaker might be having issues playing the content. Give it a try and please let me know.

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