Life & Technology – 2GB 7th June, 2014

Apple made some interesting announcements this week during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). What does it all mean for developers and users?


I was joined by Mike Boyd, founder of App Cast, an App development business in Sydney. We looked into his first impressions of what iOS 8 will look and feel like, as Mike is one the first few people who got to try the iOS8 beta.


US-based Facebook engineer Gregg Stefanick joined me in discussion of Facebook security, which is at the heart of everything Facebook does. Gregg  shared the different security protocols they are pro-actively working on such as trusted contacts, password management and other huge security effort in place to keep Facebook user accounts privacy safe.


I also spoke with Ben White, Optus Vice President of Mobile Marketing, on the changing landscape of customers’ use of contracts and prepaid plans.  Optus is launching a new “My Plan” structure on the 10th of June, giving its customers more options on data usage, from new data sharing plans to sim only contracts.


John asked why there was no iPhone 6 on the Apple’s latest WWDC event.

For all iPhone enthusiasts out there, my best guess for the iPhone 6 release will be either September or October 2014.


Joe has been encountering Kernell 32.dll problem on his pc that runs on Windows XP.

A Kernell32.dll problem can be caused by any number of factors, so this is a problem that’s a little hard to solve over the phone. Firstly, I’d recommend running a virus scan. If that doesn’t help, update drivers for any hardware that might related to your error; if the error occurs when you’re trying to print, try updating your printer drives. Aside from that, your best bet might be to take your machine to a professional, and have them take a look. I’d also recommend upgrading from Windows XP to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, depending on your machine’s capabilities. Microsoft no longer supportsWindows XP, so you’re at a great risk to viruses and vulnerabilities.