Life & Technology – 2GB 5th June, 2021

In celebration of World Environment Day, we invited Spyro Kalos, General Manager from Mobile Muster who discussed about what their organization do in recycling devices, what do with it and what causes they support. 

MobileMuster is the product stewardship program of the telecommunications industry and is accredited by the federal government. It is voluntarily funded by all of the major handset manufacturers and network carriers to provide a free mobile phone recycling program in Australia to the highest environmental standard. The program is committed to raising awareness and educating the community on repair, reuse and recycling.

Earlier in the week we interviewed Tim Falinski, Managing Director, Consumer Business – APAC from Trend Micro. We played some clips from the interview in which Tim tackled about the current threats that they receive and what you can do protect you and your data from cyber attacks. 

Catch Trend Micro’s segment later at CyberShack TV featuring the Device Security Ultimate. 

Device Security Ultimate includes antivirus, malware, ransomware and spyware protection to help shield your devices from all known and emerging threats, to ensure your valuable personal information remains safe.

It also helps guard against identity theft with Dark web monitoring which scans the dark web for your personal information to see if any off it has been leaks. It’ll notify you if it detects that your data has been detected so that you can act quickly and secure your information

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