Life & Technology – 2GB 4th October, 2014

Last week the internet went mad in regards to allegations that the new iPhones can easily bend. While this may seem worrisome, considering many would have plunked down over a grand for their new phones, it seems the new iPhones aren't actually that bendable. On top of Apple issuing a statement claiming only 9 iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models have bent, independent consumer advocacy publication, Consumer Reports, published some findings suggesting similar things. Their lab tests showed that an iPhone 6 won't bend until faced with 31.75 kg of pressure, and iPhone 6 Plus needs 40.8 kg of pressure.


GoPro announced three new action cameras this week, so I had a chat with Rick Loughery, GoPro's Director of Global Media Relations to learn a bit more of his new offering. GoPro announced two new high-end models, the Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver – both of these are pretty similar, but the Black gives users the ability to shoot higher resolution video at faster frame-rates, while the Silver adds on a touchscreen and on-screen playback. On top of this, GoPro announced its cheapest camera yet, simply called the Hero. The Hero is a bit more basic, but will retail for just AUD$129! All three cameras will be available from October 5.


Telstra this week announced plans to begin converting payphones to Wi-Fi hotspots as part of their national wireless network. 1000 hotspots will go live before Christmas, and these will be free until early next year. Click here for more information about their locations.


In other network news, NBN Co announced that Fibre-to-the-Node broadband will be commercially available by the third quarter of 2015. Trials have shown that users are receiving average download speeds of up to 96 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 30 Mbps.


Following the IFA debut of Sony's two new smartphones, the company have announced their Australian availability. I sat down with, Peter McKeon, Managing Director of Sony Mobile Communications Oceania, to find out what Sony's plan for Australia is. The Xperia Z3 will cost $849 outright, while the Xperia Z3 Compact will be $699. What's impressive about these two phones is that while they have different screen-sizes, both have almost exactly the same hardware, making them equally powerful!


Pre-orders for the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact have begun on all major telcos other than Telstra. Customers should be able to get their hands on the handsets around October 9. Telstra will open pre-orders on the 7th, and devices should be available on October 14th. We'll have reviews of both on CyberShack before the end of this coming week. 


Microsoft surprised everyone this week by skipping Windows 9, and going straight to Windows 10. Windows 10 will bring back the Windows 7 style start menu, but the exciting news is that Windows 10 will run on almost any device, from a smartphone to a laptop to the Xbox!


Click here for our hands on with Windows 10, and here for a look at why Windows 10 on every device could change personal computing.


To finish the week up, I got in touch with Matt Sweeny, CEO of drone-delivery start-up Flirtey. Flirtey has had some pretty exciting announcements lately, including a partnership with the University of Nevada in Reno, one of the leading research centres for unnamed vehicles. On top of this, Flirtey is planning to start commercial drone deliveries in New Zealand this year! Read more about Flirtey and their drone delivery plans here.