Life & Technology – 2GB 3rd December, 2022

Earlier this week we attended a Lenovo event and met with Matt Codrington Managing Director fromLenovo ANZWe invited him this week to talk us through how companies sustain the circular flow in creating technology. 

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Want Heated Car Seats, Pay By The Month!

I can’t believe we are here when it comes to purchasing a car. The concept that the car you get will have the feature built in, but you need to pay a subscription to unlock it. Who was the marketing genius that came up with this idea?

As ideas go, i hate it. Trent came on the show and discussed what is going on, but its clear that car companies are looking at this plan as a way  to offer us features in the future. I promised to include some links to do some more reading, and you can read more about the changes here –

The Verge

I have asked Trent to keep us informed on this one and to point out what car companies are doing this, so maybe we can avoid them!

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