Life & Technology – 2GB 29th April, 2023

We invited Mike Boyd CEO, Founder from Contact Lightto discuss about iPhone and Apple updates. 
Also on the show was Scott Lorson CEO from Fetch TV who shared their latest UI which is their biggest innovation in years! You can also see more details about Fetch Products at Harvey Norman.    
Don’t Forget 3G Is Shutting Down! 

As mentioned today on the show. Its time to get ready for 3G. Each network has now confirmed when they will shut their 3G network. Optus – September, 2023Vodafone – December, 2023Telstra – June, 2024 Its mainly an issue for Medical devices, Home Alarms and other devices that use the 3G network for network connection. Get ready now for the shutdown!! How long do you want to keep a smartphone?

A new YouGov survey answers the question and raises some surprising reasons. Surprisingly the answer DOES NOT depend on the class of phone or price paid (entry-level, mid-range, premium, and ultra-premium) but on your perception of value. Price is what you pay; value is what you get. In this case, value is measured by useful lifespan and predicated on battery life and screen scratches. The global study (including Australia) found that 80% want to keep the smartphone for at least two to three years, and 25% of that group expect more than five years. READ MORE..  

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