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This week we invited Mike Boyd, CEO, Founder of Contact Light, who discussed about Device Remote Access.

Even if you’re not in the same house and connected to the same WiFi network Apple, Google and Microsoft have products that can facilitate remote access and sharing your screen.

Chrome Remote Desktop – Windows & Mac
– Using any Google Chrome Browser and the same Google Account, you can very easily – control your PC or Tablet.
– Download the Remote Desktop for Apple or Android
– Works on WiFi and over 4G/5G
Microsoft Remote Desktop – Windows & Mac
– Software is built into Windows. Can be downloaded as a Mac App.
– Requires a little more configuration for external remote access (i.e. over 4G/5G)
Apple Remote Desktop
– Download from Mac App Store.
– Like Microsoft Remote Desktop, this requires some setup that is very easy to follow.
– There is also the feature called Screen Sharing that – securely and only with permission – allows you to see and control any Mac that is connected to an iCloud account. This has been a godsend for me and my father!

But what about controlling an iMac from my Windows Surface Go laptop?
For that you’re going to need something a bit more sophisticated such as VNC (Virtual Network Computing) or an enterprise app such as TeamViewer.
More details on Mac to PC and PC to Mac remote access can be found via the link below
Real VNC

But what about remote control for an iPad?
The short answer is not really. There are plenty of apps such as Skype and Zoom that will allow you to share your screen with others however, remote control is not that simple on an iPad.

Apple has a feature called Switch Control that is part of the Accessibility section of iOS.
– It’s jam-packed with incredible features for non-touch and disabled access.
– Control your iPad with a nod of your head left or right, or from your iPhone
– Quite complicated to set up as it is intended for mobility-impaired use.
– Devices need to be on the same WiFi network.

We have had a listener recommend the service ‘Zoho Assist’ to remotely access PCs and iPads.

In Summary: Remotely accessing a Mac or a PC from anywhere on the planet is very much a thing today. Tablets and smartphones are not quite there yet due to their designed use of simplicity.

Father’s Day is happening next week so we went ahead and invited Mitchell Whitaker, Director of Harvey Norman New Castle, who discussed some great deals you can still get for Father’s Day weekend.

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