Life & Technology – 2GB 27th March, 2016

Domino’s Australia revealed their plans to deliver pizza via autonomous robot! DRU, or Domino’s Robotic Unit. After an order is made, DRU will travel by itself to the delivery address. Upon arriving, a code will unlock DRU’s storage compartments, which contain the food and drinks. Read more on


Nike’s Self Tying Shoes! – HyperAdapt 1.0. Many of us carry powerful smartphones in our pockets. Some of us even wear a smartwatch. We might soon be wearing technology on every part of our bodies, and Nike is looking to add to that list by throwing some technology into your shoes.


These new shoes tighten themselves once your foot hits a sensor in the heel, and can be adjusted with a pair of buttons on the side. Read more on


LG’s first ever phone to support DAB+radio. LG’s Stylus 2 main draw is its digital radio capabilities. DAB+ allows users to listen to free digital stations with better audio quality than FM transmissions. Read more on


Home theatre experiences are the very thing that can make or break a good movie. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie spoke to Epson Australia’s Senior Product Manager, Paul Haddad to know more about how to choose the right projector for your home theater. 



Frustrated with your computer? Speed things up with an upgrade from This week on Life and Technology, Charlie was joined by Ram City’s CEO, Rod Bland to chat about upgrading your computer’s memory and data storage upgrade components. 



Hisense releases the new 4K ULED TV. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie was joined by Hisense's USA Director of Product Management, Chris Potter to know more about ULED technology.