Life & Technology – 2GB 26th July, 2015

Soundbars are one of the fastest growing categories in home audio, and we’re seeing more and more hit the market. Philips has pulled away from the crowd with an innovative new Soundbar it calls the Fidelio B5.


The Fidelio B5 is a 4.1 channel soundbar that can be split into three separate parts. The far-left and far-speakers are both detachable and can function as rear speakers for an ad-hoc surround sound system. Alternatively, the detached units can be used as portable Bluetooth speakers independently of the main soundbar. The Philips Fidelio B5 retails for AUD$1,099.95 and will be available through Harvey Norman from August.


Do you feel like your internet has gotten slower since Netflix launched in March? Mine certainly has. This week I had a chat to David Fullagar, Netflix's Director of Content Delivery Architecture to find out what th go is. If you're interested to know more, have a listen to the full interview in the podcast.


Have you ever wish you had Wi-Fi in your car? Telstra’s making that easier than ever before with its new 4GX dongle dongle. The Telstra Prepaid 4GX Car Wi-Fi is a small stick that plugs into a car's USB slot or 12 volt power outlet to create a wireless hotspot that can serve up to five devices.  Click here for more info.


If you missed it last week, Trend Micro's "What's Your Story" contest is on again, and kids between 5 and 12 have a shot of winning AUD$6,000 in cash prizes! To enter, kids have to draw a poster around the theme of privacy – “your business is your business” They’ve got until September 20 to enter, and the grand prize winner will receive a massive $3000. Two runners will receive $1,500 each.


What if I said you could turn your light bulbs into speakers? Sengled Pulse lets you do just that. Why you ask? David Clerk, Managing Director of General Innovation Australia says the idea is to save space, especially for people who have smaller apartments, where adding external speakers might add clutter. Interested? Have a listen to our podcast for the full conversation!