Life & Technology – 2GB 26 February, 2017

Bitdefender reveals Mac attack that can nab passwords
Disney Develops A Method For Wirelessly Powering An Entire Room
Full on Footy Pass from Foxtel and News Corp offer NRL and AFL streaming through Foxtel Play.
Concerned that many devices lack adequate security protections and can therefore easily be hacked this week on Life and Technology, Charlie spoke to Australian Computer Society President, Anthony Wong about protecting privacy.

What to expect in this year’s Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona? This week on Life and Technology, Charlie chatted with Associate Editor at Whistle Out, Alex Choros to know more. 

Not your average CEO, but a rather down-to-earth Aussie who has conquered the US and has an effervescent and refreshingly open opinion of the telco industry. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie got the chance to have a one on one talk with Director of Boost Mobile, Peter Adderton.