Life & Technology – 2GB 24th April, 2016

Windows users, uninstall Apple Quicktime now! Windows users are being advised to uninstall Apple's QuickTime media player as soon as possible following the discovery of two critical vulnerabilities affecting the software. The vulnerabilities allow for remote code injection, which could enable a hacker to gain control of a victim's system. The best course of action is to simply uninstall the software. Read more on

Australia Post to trial drone deliveries. Australia Post is set to commence consumer-facing drone delivery trials later this year. The organization is exploring the use of drones, or "remotely pirated aircraft" (RPA), to help facilitate faster deliveries of small, time-sensitive parcels, such as medicine. Read more on

Alcatel’s latest smartphone is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and less than AUD$300. Read more abou the new Alcatel smartphone on

The iPhone SE is Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone. It looks similar to an iPhone 5s but packed with iPhone 6s features. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie has a chat with CEO at Contact Light, Mike Boyd. 

Beware of the rise of Ransomware attacks. Ransomware are the latest in cyber scams on the Web. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie finds out more about this malware from Business Manager of Information Production at Symantec, Nick Savvides. 

Read more on on how you can secure your PC from malware. 

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny almost credit card size single-board and affordable computer. This week on Life and Technology, Charlie is joined by Director of Little Bird Company, Marcus Schappi to get the low-down on this tiny but powerful device.