Life & Technology – 2GB 22nd November, 2015

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 is one of favourite phones of the year, partly due to how damn schmick it looks. It’s a 5.7-inch phone that doesn’t feel like a big device – it’s pretty much all screen.  While we love the Note 5, there’s one issue with it – until now, it’s only been available in 32GB with no expandable storage.


Thankfully Samsung has heard the cries of power users everywhere and has released a 64GB unit in Australia. It’s available in gold, and you’ll be able to pick it up from our sponsor Harvey Norman for AUD$1,199 before the end of the month.


SkinVision is a brand new app designed to help detect skin cancer and is said to have an accuracy rate of 83% when it comes to assessing moles. While it's not meant to replace visiting a GP or dermatologist, it certainly sounds like a useful tool to have. If you head over to today and download the app (available for iOS and Android), you'll be able to an entire year of usage for free! Just make sure you sign up before the end of the day!


I don't talk about parenting tech very often, but VTech's BM5000 Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor is a gadget new parents should definitely keep an eye out for. It's a two-way baby monitor that – from my experience – is really reliable, which is what you want in a gadget that's looking after your newborn. You can also pair with VTech's range of wire-free sensors that can detect if a door or gate is open. To top it off, the parental unit has a 14 hour  battery. The VTech BM5000 retails for AUD$149 and should be in stores now. 


Many of us grew up with View-Masters and now Mattel has reinvented them for the 21st century as a virtual reality headset for your smartphone. For the full story, take a listen to our podcast! It sure is a blast from the past!


D-Link's new Taipan modem router is some of the most expensive consumer-grade networking kit currently available in Australia. It's fast, it's got a huge wireless range, and it costs AUD$579.99. To learn more about why the Taipan gets it price tag, click here.