Life & Technology – 2GB 22nd February

Welcome back to a brand new season of Life & Technology on 2GB radio! Here are some of the topics I covered this morning. 


 It’s been 25 Years since the first GPS satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral in the US; thank god we aren’t still getting lost!  I chatted to Chris Carney from Tom Tom about how GPS works, how its changed over the course of 25 years and where it's going in the future. 


We'll be reviewing Tom Tom's brand new Tom Tom Go next week on CyberShack. 


You might have heard of flappy bird or at least seen someone thrown into a fit of frustrated rage after playing it, but what makes an app successful or viral? I chatted to Josiah Humphrey, Co-Founder of successful app start up company Appster about how to create a successful app. 


Ever wanted to print without having to connect a USB cable to your laptop or tablet every time? Wireless printing has finally really taken off. I chat to Andrew Fenely, Harvey Norman's printing expert about what makes it all possible.


If you're in the market for a wireless printer, then our top picks are the HP Envy 4500 for $99 and the Canon 7160 for $169. These are great all-round photo-inkjet wireless printers at very affordable prices. 


If you missed the show we will have the podcast for you on Monday morning so you can keep up to date will all the latest tech news.