Life & Technology – 2GB: 22 March, 2014

This week we went going right across the tech world, from TV to Motion sensing technology in laptops to smartphones, we’ve got it covered.


Sick of using a different catch up app for every TV show you want to watch? we chat to Freeview about their exciting announcement, Freeview Plus whcih is bringing all the benefits of catch up TV in the one place to your lounge room. 


Motion sensing technology has come a long way in the past decade. Over the past week we’ve had the pleasure of testing out the latest innovation from HP – Leap motion. It’s a minority report style feature that lets you control parts of your computer without even touching the screen or keyboard. Jeff Woodhouse from HP chatted to us about this touchless technology. 


 Remember the Motorola Razor? Once the phone that absolutely everyone had to have. Well, Motorola have been pretty quiet in recent years, taking big hits from Samsung and Apple in the smartphone category. The good news is they are back! I had a chat to John Demezieres, Account Director at Motorola.


Listener Question


John from St Ives I’ve seen this Galaxy gear smart watch being advertised but I don’t have a Samsung galaxy phone, does it work with anything else? What are my options?


·         Pebble – lets you look at texts and other apps on your watch, works with both iOS and Android

·         LG & Motorola have just announced smart watches – there will be plenty more coming to market