Life & Technology – 2GB 19th February, 2022

On the show this week we invited Samantha Mikhael Category Manager, Home Entertainment from LG Australia who shared their latest range for 2022. 

New in the OLED lineup, the G2 series adds higher brightness levels for better clarity and detail. The G2 lineup adds 83-inch and world-first 97-inch models to the existing product sizes.

LG’s C2 series offers the widest range of screen sizes, with a brand-new 42-inch size that’s great for console and PC gaming, all the way up to an 83-inch model that gives you a cinema-like experience.

LG’s QNED technology makes LCD TVs the best they can be, with life-like colour reproduction. Precision Dimming allows for amazing contrast on the LG QNED Mini LED TVs.

LG reveals its 2022 TV range - led by its flagship OLED models in even  larger sizes - Tech Guide
LG reveals its 2022 TV range - led by its flagship OLED models in even  larger sizes - Tech Guide
Watch our feature of LG TVs and what models you should be eyeing on. 

Also on the show this week we invited Dr. Arindam Dey, Metaverse Researcher and Academic. He shared how facial gestures can be used  to operate inside a virtual setting. 

Our face can unlock a smartphone, provide access to a secure building and speed up passport control at airports, verifying our identity for numerous purposes.
An international team of researchers from Australia, New Zealand and India has taken facial recognition technology to the next level, using a person’s expression to manipulate objects in a virtual reality setting without the use of a handheld controller or touchpad.
In a world first study led by the University of Queensland, human computer interaction experts used neural processing techniques to capture a person’s smile, frown and clenched jaw and used each expression to trigger specific actions in virtual reality environments.
One of the researchers involved in the experiment, University of South Australia’s Professor Mark Billinghurst, says the system has been designed to recognise different facial expressions via an EEG headset.

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