Life & Technology – 2GB 18th June, 2022

This week we invited Jason Carrick General Sales Manager from TCL Electronics Australia. Jason has shared their latest offering on Mini LED and Soundbar. 

Bringing exceptional picture quality to your living room, the C635 QLED Google TV is ready to lift your home cinema.
With it being a QLED TV, its glowing dots allow higher brightness and more vivid colours, delivering you a amplified level of entertainment.
For those that live and breathe the gaming world, experience heightened quality with TCL’s Dual Line Gate technology for compatible gaming consoles.
The technology will automatically boost the 60-hertz TV panel to have a 120-hertz refresh rate for gaming – up to 2K resolution. With a higher frame rate, Auto Low Latency Mode, and HDMI2.1 input, it’ll give you a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

 Also on the show this week, we had Eric Phu Co-Founder Citizen Wolf who discussed about Magic Fit Technology. 

“Citizen Wolf re-engineers the way clothes are made at scale, to save our planet,” said Zoltan Csaki, Co-Founder of Citizen Wolf. “Starting with T-shirts as our proof of concept, our proprietary Magic Fit® technology enables made to order clothes that are custom fit to every body. Because Citizen Wolf makes only what it sells and sends nothing to landfill, the company produces 48% less carbon than the legacy fast-fashion equivalent. Everything is made within seven (7) days in our own, ethically certified factory right here in Sydney, which is open to the public. We are also proudly B Corp certified.”

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