Life & Technology – 2GB 17th Feb, 2024

Monitoring Your Digital Identity: What Does It Mean & Why Should You Do it

We had a great response from our first internet security webcast last week and this week we are presenting part 2 of our discussion with Norton. This week we are covering your digital identity, what it means and how you protect it. We also talk about Norton’s service that will help you if your digital identity is STOLEN. Yep, there are experts who can assist. Watch the discussion below – 

425 / 9.16%Watch this in-depth webinar as we talk about protecting your identity online. 

Guests and Topics on the Show
With the recent hurricane that hit Melbourne, we think it is high time to talk about how ready our connections are during these times. This week we invited Chris Cusack General Manager from44 / 0.95%NBNLocal who talked about network resilience in times of storms/hurricanes/blackouts We also invited Channa Seneviratne Technology Development and Innovation Executive from Telstra, who discussed about network redundancy.  
Network redundancy is a critical concept in ensuring the reliability and availability of network services. Essentially, it involves the duplication of critical components within a network to provide backup in case of failure. By having redundant systems in place, organizations can minimize downtime and maintain continuous access to resources and services. 

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