Life & Technology – 2GB 15th November, 2015

Tag Heuer isn’t a name you think of when you’re talking technology, but the Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer is getting smart with the Tag Heuer Connected: a titanium clad-Android Wear powered wearable. Based on the company’s famed Carrera watches, it matches a Swiss made body with internals from Intel.


The watch itself retails for USD$1500 and we’re not quite sure when it will be available in Australia, but interestingly enough, after you two year warranty is up, you can trade it in for a traditional, mechanical Carrera with a similar design. This will however set you back an additional USD$1500.


It feels like the Tag Heuer Connected is a bit of a Trojan watch!


Microsoft's first store outside of North America opened in Sydney this week. In addition to being great news for anyone who wants to pick up a new notebook, an Xbox One or Microsoft Band, it's great for anyone who's having problems with their current computer.


If you walk your machine to the Store's Answer Desk, the staff will upgrade software, reformat your machine, and remove viruses and malware free of charge. In fact, anything that's not a hardware repair is completely free. How great is that?


Click here for our photo tour of the new Microsoft Store.


If you think back to September and Apple’s plethora of announcements surrounding the new iPhone, you might remember the iPad Pro – Apple’s supersized take on a tablet.


Well if you’re after a 12.9-inch iPad it’s now available in Australia. It’s going to set you back a pretty penny though, starting at AUD$1,249 for a 32GB Wi-Fi only model, and as much as AUD$1,699 for the 128GB 4G-enabled model. And if you want the accessories – the Apple Pencil Stylus and the Smart Keyboard case – you’re looking at another AUD$165 and AUD$269 respectively.


Click here for more on the iPad Pro.


You might have heard about what's been referred to the $1 million iPhone hack. I spoke to ethical hacker Adrian Wood from Whitehack to learn a bit more about it this week, and if you're interested, you should take listen to our podcast for the full interview.


Having trouble getting a fixed line broadband connection? No ports free on your exchange? No cabling in your area? Well a new offering from Optus could be just what you’re looking for. Optus is offering a fixed 4G wireless home broadband package providing 50GB of data for AUD$70 per month. Considering the typical price of 4G data, this is comparatively affordable. Click here for more on the plans.


I also had a chat to Stuart Bowling, Director at Dolby Laboratories about an exciting new technology called Dolby Atmos set to enhance the cinema experience.  Take a listen to our podcast for the full interview.