Life & Technology – 2GB 15th May, 2021

On the show this week, we invited Professor Alana Maurushat, Professor of Cybersecurity and Behaviour, School of Social Sciences from Western Sydney University. She discussed about the Federal Government’s funding on CyberSecurity Aid Centre in Parramatta. 

The Federal Government has announced $745,920 in new funding for Western Sydney University to establish the ‘Cybersecurity Aid Centre’ to train and support small business with Cyber Incident Response.

The project will enhance cybersecurity resources through the development of a Cyber Suite and Toolkit for Small Businesses — a hotline for assistance with cybersecurity incidents, and will integrate applied support with learning and skills development for Western Sydney University students.

We also invited Dr. Belinda Barnet, Senior Lecturer in Media, Swinburne University of Technology. Dr. Barnet shared about the happenings on WhatsApp data privacy update, what it means to users, what happens if you accept (or not) the new privacy settings. Dr Belinda talked about Signal as the messaging app used on a daily basic.

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