Life & Technology – 2GB 14th August, 2021

This week on the show, we invited Susie Felber, she’s the Global Content Director from Withings who shared with us their latest RoseGold ScanWatch.

The ScanWatch is Withings’ most advanced hybrid smartwatch and was the FIRST in the Australian market to be clinically validated with ECG technology. It not only tracks your steps (those WFH, we’ve got you!), but the Breathe mode guides you to focus on your breathing for one minute to help you refocus and relax which is now more important than ever.

We also invited Dean Williams, Partner Specialist Systems Engineer from Norton LifeLock who discussed their Norton 360 for Gamers and the latest on the merge with Avast. 
Norton 360 for Gamers includes a suite of features such as antivirus, a virtual private network, dark web monitoring*, and more – helping protect your PC from viruses, malware, DDOS attacks and doxing. However, PC security suites are often snubbed by gamers for slowing down your system. Norton’s solution is Game Optimizer.

Game Optimizer is patented software that helps enhance performance by automatically dedicating processor cores to your game, while limiting non-essential apps to a single core. This helps smooth out random spikes in CPU usage that can be caused by background software like antiviruses and updaters that interrupt gameplay.

We also featured the Norton 360 for Gamers in one of our CyberShack TV episodes.
You can rewatch it here. 

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