Life & Technology – 2GB 13th March, 2021

We invited Brian Mooney, Co-Founder and Director of Zega, on to the show this week to discuss the high-tech, walk-away cookware that does the cooking for you – without gas, electricity, or risk of burning. 

Zega complements our busy lifestyles so you can cook delicious home-cooked meals with confidence. With easy to follow recipes and Zega’s unique self-cooking process, you get consistently great results every time whether you’re an experienced or an aspiring home cook. It’s cooking perfection every time.

We also invited Chris Lau, Managing Director of Laser Corporation and discussed the smart solar-powered water controller

Get lots of savings from your consumption with the Connect Smart Water Controller managing your watering. Remotely control the off and on of the water valve anytime, anywhere via the Connect SmartHome App on your phone. It provides real-time feedback on your water history use and you can operate it via voice commands. Set the amount and time of watering using the water volume and set schedule settings. The rechargeable battery powered by solar panel also provides you savings on electricity.

Connect Smart Home has a full range of items perfect to upgrade your homes and start  creating a smart home. 

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