Life & Technology – 2GB 13th December, 2015

Can you believe it? The iPhone 6s only came out at the end of September, and we’re already hearing murmurings about Apple’s next smartphones. Here's what we think we know.


“Smart Toys” are starting to become increasingly common, with manufacturers popping Wi-Fi connectivity into everything from Barbie Dolls to kid-friendly tablets. Of course, several high profile hacks have shown that buying these kind of toys isn’t always a good idea. This week I got in touch with ethical hacker Adrian Wood from Whitehack to find out just how safe these kind of toys are. Read more about this here.


Google makes the software that runs on a lot of our phones, but its thrown the proverbial hat into the ring with its own Android-powered tablet: the Pixel C. The Pixel C is a 10.2-inch Android-powered tablet with a specialized keyboard. It’s the first tablet Google has design and made in-house. The tablet retails for AUD$699 and the keyboard for $200, and it’s being pitched as a “Tablet that can do it all”


Microsoft’s HoloLens is going to be one of 2016’s most exciting technologies; it’s a mixed reality headset that puts “holograms” into the real world. After a lot of teasing, Microsoft has allowed developers to start showing off their work on HoloLens apps. Take a look at these here.


Christmas is coming fast, so it’s time to get gifting. This week on Life & Technology, Harvey Norman’s Glen Gregory and I ran a through detailed round up of the best “Wearable Gadget Ideas”. Take a listen to the podcast for the whole list.


Gadgets are bigger than ever, and many of us are going to give or receive them at Christmas. Accessories such as screen protectors, cases, headphones and more are equally important, and this week I had a chat to Kristen Trappet from Cellnet – one of Australia’s big accessories distributors – about what the must haves are. Take a listen to the podcast for the whole interview.