Life & Technology – 2GB 12th November, 2022

On Thursday, motorola has launched it’s latest razr 2022 phone. We invited Kurt Bonnici Head of Motorola for Australia and New Zealand to walk us through this amazing mobile phone. 

Meet the new motorola razr 2022, boldly reimagined to bring more magical possibilities to life. It starts with an iconic design—compact and super pocketable. Flip it open to reveal a smooth, gorgeous, full-sized OLED display whenever you
need it.

We got our hands on this new phone and here’s our first impression..

From our first look (a review takes weeks of testing), the Razr 2022 looks great, improved 6.7” 144Hz screen, better hinge, excellent external mini-screen, flagship Qualcomm SD8+ Gen 1 processor, 8/256GB, fast 30W charge (inbox) and a decent 50MP/OIS +13MP rear camera and 32MP selfie. READ MORE..

Earlier this week  ACCC has handed down the fifth report of its five-year Digital Platform Services Inquiry which includes chasing down fake online reviews. We invited Alex Choros Managing Editor Whistleout who has been doing product reviews for a long time to discuss how to spot a fake one online. 

anonymous with hoodie making fake rating and review for money concept conceptual. Untrue feedback in exchange of dollars. Business online ranking is affected from false review by user to gain money. stock photo

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