Life & Technology – 2GB 12th April, 2015

As of Friday, the Apple Watch is now available for pre-order. If you want to try before you buy, Apple has done something different this time around and has demo units available in all of its retail stores. You can’t buy one yet, but you go and get a short hands-on, or should I say wrists-on experience. If you are looking to pre-order one, here's what you should know first.


If that's not enough for you, here's our first look at the Apple Watch, and here's a couple of videos by Apple that explain what it actually does in a bit more detail.


Telstra is in the process of introducing a couple of new offers, including greatly increased data allowances. I had a chat to John Chambers, Telstra's Executive Director of Mobiles to find out about these new deals. Essentially, all post-plans will stay the same price, but offer as much as three times the data; it's about time that Telstra got competitive again. I asked John why this is the case, and he told that the more data that consumers use, the more Telstra is able to offer. I guess that means we better get downloading! Click here for Telstra's new plans.


Telstra isn't the only telco offering more data, Optus has also increased its offerings, and introduced what it calls Family Sharing. Click here for the low-down.


If you're an Australian who downloads copyrighted material online illegally, life is about to get much harder. This week a Judge ruled that iiNet has to hand over customer details to the makers of Dallas Buyers Club, and we're one step to closer to a three-strikes-you're-out scheme for managing copyright infringement.


We know it's important to look out for our children online, but how much is too much? Is it right to spy on your children? I discussed this very issue with Rawdon Messenger, CEO of TeenSafe – a company that lets you do just that. While it's possible to install TeenSafe without your children knowing – giving you the ability to read their text messages, see their social media usage and monitor their phone calls – Rawdon doesn't believe TeenSafe should be used this way. If parents are going to use TeenSafe, Rawdon said parents should talking to their children first and tell them that they'll be monitored.


Another 550,000 premises have been added to the National Broadband Network roadmap, but it’s not quite time to get excited yet. Construction at these locations might not start until September 2016 – if everything runs to schedule – and even then, will take several months to complete. Nonetheless, it’s great to see more and more suburbs get added to the list.  


We’ve got a complete list here; in NSW they include Wagga Wagga, St Leonards, Bathurst, Cessnock and Foster, to name a few. Click here for the whole list!


Microsoft Office Lens is a cool little app that turns your iOS or Android device into a pocket scanner. You can pretty much use it to take a photo of a any document, business card or white board, and it can convert it to a digitally editable version. It’s free, so you there’s no reason not to check it out.